On this part, you will find some projects that I made which are still running continuously. Theses projects require more tooling and electronique capabilities.

Basic tooling:


In order to soldering properly, I would advice you to get an iron like this one. This is quiet cheaper (25€) and enough for almost everythings here.


Essential of course, if this possible, I would recommand to by one which have the beep functionnality which is very helpfull for the test your connexion very fast.

Power supply

For my point of view, this is not requiered. I don't have any power supply. Mostly my elements are powered by power pack, lithium elements or usb chargers. You can use a 2A USB charger for your tests.


This is very usefull if you starting electronic. On my side, I don't use it anymore. My schematics are not extremely complexe as you will see. I prefer to use this kind of PCB. There are also cheaper. I am soldering directly my elements. It is require to thinking more before soldering. In most of the case that's o for me. For my point of view, this bring also much more stable circuit than breadboard and more flexibility.